The Secret to Success

People love ideas.  I do too.  The mistake many people make in the pursuit of success is thinking that the idea, alone, is enough.  It never is.

You must put the idea into motion — into action.  You must work hard to be successful.  Ideas are the easy part. It’s the work to realize the idea that trips people up.  

Don’t get me wrong, ideas are very important.  Everything starts with an idea. But the key word is “starts.”  You now have to get to work to make the idea come to life.

Work can be difficult at times.  You will often have to overcome unexpected obstacles, even walk on coals and climb Mount Everest to make a dream come true.  Successful people are up for the challenge.  Those who fail quit before the finish line.  That’s the only difference.

I often have people come up to me and tell me that they have a great idea for a screenplay.  And they generously offer to share it with me, so I can write it.  I have plenty of film ideas.  It’s the writing part that’s the hard work.  They want me to do the work for them.  I politely decline.

Success comes about from putting great ideas into action.  And staying at it, pushing through the bumps and twists and turns, until the idea is fully realized.  

A friend said it succinctly, “you want to be successful, then get to work!”   If you hit a roadblock, and you will, then find a way around it.  Be clever, be persistent, and maintain a good sense of humor.  And for inspiration, remind yourself every day of the great idea that started it all.  


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