The Joy of Quitting

Quitting has a bad name.

Being a successful actor can be a challenge. However, quitting in the pursuit of a dream is frowned upon by most people. On this planet, a quitter is pond scum. Only winners are cool.

So, if you’re thinking of quitting or have just quit, here are a few things you can say to yourself to make you feel better about your decision:

  1. I never wanted to be an actor in the first place.
  2. The movie business is all about who you know.
  3. Hollywood is full of backstabbing a-holes!
  4. The family plumbing business isn’t as bad as I thought.
  5. Working 9 to 5 is nice!
  6. No more auditions! (Just job interviews).
  7. Acting is too hard.
  8. I love acting, it’s the business of acting that I hate.
  9. At least I have money now. (Even if there’s no time to spend it).
  10. Free rent living with my parents again!
  11. I really had no talent.
  12. Success has nothing to do with talent!
  13. Who wants a dumb Oscar anyway?
  14. Movie acting isn’t as glamorous as it looks.
  15. No more waiting tables! (Just making coffee for my new boss).
  16. No traffic jams at the family farm in Wisconsin!
  17. Maybe I can teach acting instead.
  18. It was just a hobby.
  19. Time to have some kids and settle down.
  20. I’m not passionate about acting any more.
  21. I gave myself a time limit to be successful and it didn’t happen.
  22. I have to make a living at something.
  23. I have to grow up at some point.
  24. I’m not a kid anymore.
  25. I’m too old to do this anymore.
  26. It’s all about how you look.
  27. I’m too short.
  28. I’m too tall.
  29. I’m too fat.
  30. I’m too skinny.
  31. I’m too good looking — they think I’m dumb.
  32. I realized it’s too shallow a career.
  33. I slept with the wrong people.
  34. I wouldn’t kiss ass.
  35. I think I’ll look up my high school sweetheart.
  36. I’m not really quitting, I’m just taking some time off.
  37. I’m married now — I have to be responsible.
  38. I hate rejection.
  39. I’m like everybody else now!
  40. I love my desk job!
  41. I’m going back to school to be a nurse.
  42. I tried! I really did!

Of course, you could always give it another day.


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