You are Perfect.

I mean that. That is, if you can manage to cut out all the noise in your life: wanting to please mom and dad, not wanting to stir up the critics, desiring to be liked, afraid to look stupid or incompetent, and on and on, why, you’d be quite nearly perfect.

Your vision would be crystal clear.

The decisions you make would be good ones — ones that benefited you and all the people you care about. You wouldn’t even have to bounce your ideas off a trusted friend or companion. You’d know the correct path to take, the pitfalls to avoid.

It may be easier said than done, but it’s comforting to know that you have all the answers. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to learn. There is. But you are the judge of what’s worthy of learning and what’s not.

The power to succeed lies within you.

If you are not certain of your success, you career will be uncertain.

If you fear the pressures of stardom, you will remain in the “comfort” of oblivion.

If you criticize the successful, you will damn yourself into obscurity.

If you don’t know you want to be a star, you won’t be… until you know.

If you believe it’s owed to you, then you will wait forever for a remittance that will never arrive.

It’s you that decides your future.

Your confidence and certainty are the determiners of your tomorrow.

It’s your intention that determines what will be or what will not be.

No one else can do it for you.

It’s all you.


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